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making lives easier by getting involved & helping people
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Who are we

My name is Andrew and my partner Ellie are both parents with two disabled children. Our eldest is now 12 and has ASD a very severe form of Autism, and severe behavioural problems, he can not talk. Our other son is 10 and has ADD, which shows it's self in him as severe problem with memory retention, causing severe delays at school and with the things he wants to do in his life generally. I probably should also tell you that I have higher functioning autism my self not quite like asperger's syndrome but close.

Where are we based
How do we intend to make this work

Everything has to start somewhere, and in our case it is from this web site. From there we intend to spread the word through as many means as we can, and we will not be shy in asking for help or advice and even money to achieve our aims. We will encourage people, businesses and companies to sponsor events. We will ask celebrities and well known people to openly support us and the aims we are trying to achieve.  We will always try to help where we can, make a difference where we can and if we make our centres a reality make a difference all the time.

Lincolnshire, but we help people where ever you live.

We have not listed a phone number as we are just starting and want to start initial contact through email and our online forms. we will then contact you by phone. This is not meant to be impersonal, just that we do not want people ringing only to find that someone is not there to answer the phone. when we have an office, that will change.

Always here to help
What do we want to achieve

We want to make a difference, using a hands on approach we     want to help families and children as well as create        something to fill the what happens after a child is 19 void.          Having children on the autistic spectrum, means we          understand what many parents are going through,         because we are going through it as well. we are pretty      ambitious and have set our our ideal goals on our the way forward page.