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Why build a centre

Because we feel that having everything in one place is the right    thing to do. A good example     would be a good grammar      school, where they have       everything on site, gymnasium,       swimming pool, sports fields       etc, this enables them to teach      everything on site and ensure    safety for the students.

We want to operate as a residential and rest bite centre as well as offer short term holiday breaks it is               imperative that this be a                  safe area for everyone                   and allow easy access                   for everyone at the



Resources we would
like to have available 
at our centre
How would we build it

By consulting professionals from as many field as we can, we will come up with a list of  everything that someone might need, want to add continued learning, stable environment and area to evolve and grow.

It is important also that this list be arranged into activity blocks, learning blocks therapy blocks etc and then that each block will for fill a specific function meeting the needs of the people who go there.

Because different people will need or require different things at different times, by creating different buildings will work in so many ways, least of which is that it makes it easier for people on the autistic spectrum to differentiate between different buildings, and to further emphasise that each build will de different.

This is still in its infancy, but we wanted to give some idea of where we are going with this.

In no particular order

Good caring vocational staff

A GPS monitoring system ensuring the safety of both staff and residents at all times.

Sensory rooms catering for different needs.

Sensory Gyms

Sensory Integration help, advice and detailed assessment if required

Hand and feet therapy.


Floatation tanks.

Kitchen geared up to meet specific dietary needs.

Activity rooms.

Chill out rooms.

Structured learning areas.

Un-structured learning areas.

Soft play areas.

Outside play areas.

Inside quiet areas

Outside quiet areas.

Making areas.

Doing areas.

Swimming pools

whirlpool baths.

Independent living units.

Overseen living areas.

Independent living courses.

Create a hobby orientated system for those that are able.

Look into and ad on site any other proven form of help or strategies as well as test new strategies.

Local outreach programmes.

Internal staff training as well as a training centre to act as a school for people wanting to learn and train to look after autistic people, young and old.

A more detailed list will be presented as we go.