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Direct action

We will help you using our knowledge and experience to get higher rate disability living allowance and hopefully a motability car. To contact us simply click the button below and fill out our form.


On your DLA form, you did not explain things properly.

You thought that the amount of time you ended up with would not be believable.

You tried to be fair and reduced down the amount of time you look after someone, because they are not bad all the time.

You did not realise that server bad behaviour, like going for people when walking down a street or refusing to walk were grounds for higher rate and a motability car.

You were not aware that needing more than one person to control someone was important.

You thought the DLA would talk to everyone and find out how bad your need is.

You did not realise that you can put in a new claim every time there is a change in the person.

Some of the reasons
why people do not 
get high rate DLA
The Best Advice We 
Can Give

When filling out forms be honest, explain every

time the problems you have and do this with

every question.

With the new budget changes,

hopefully this will make getting higher rate easier, so long as your doctor or consultant is aware of either there bad behaviour , lack of mobility and/or other issues.

The forms are long but realise that each question is singular so just because you think you have already answered it before, in the DLA mind you have not you answered that first question. If you have to repeat, repeat as many times as you have to.

Lastly tell them your worst time with every question, as they want to know when things are bad not when things are good. I know a lot of people will find this hard, as not everyone is challenging all the time, but you owe it to yourself and your child to get across exactly how bad it is sometimes.

           We are putting together an                 information leaflet that                   you will be able to                  download that should                 explain a lot. We have                sent a letter to DLA asking             them to explain certain things and when we have there reply we will post in on this site and in the information leaflet.

Information Leaflet