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What is a Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is the process by which the brain takes in and   interprets information about the     body and its surroundings. This i       Information is then used to       control and organise the body.

     Through sensory integration the      many parts of the brain work     together so that a person can    interact with the environment effectively and experience appropriate achievement in daily activities.

               It involves how effectively                  and efficiently a person is                   able to process sensory                  information from a               tactile(touch), vestibular

How we want to 
help with 
Sensory Integration

(movement sense),proprioceptive (body position sense), Visual (looking), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) systems..

The development of basic sensory systems and the integration of their information in the lower part of the brain (automatic processing) are necessary before higher-level skills appear.

Normally children practice and perfect their skills: these are then programmed into the lower brain and become automatic.

With a child with poor sensory integration, these basic movement patterns are not automatic - the child has to consciously think about their movements and makes them slow and clumsy.            

Like with the sensory rooms we want to supply the right equipment for the right child and will be introducing a service to have your child accessed, if you do not have a sensory integration professional connected to your school.

This will take a bit of time, but when we are ready to go we will let you know, but before then we will sell soon through our shop various equipment like those listed below.

We will also offer the same service with sensory rooms, with your school and professionals being contacted prior to purchase, if you wish to insure that the correct equipment is supplied.

Scooter boards

Tyre tunnel

Therapy balls

Wobble board,



Swings (tyre and hammock)

Feather dusters


Spinning boards

Stretchy rope

Therapy mats

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Read more about what each product does and how they help develop the mind and body