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Why we have highlighted Motability

So many people are left struggling because they can not get a motability car. In nearly all cases it is because of the way that they have filled in the Disability Living Allowance form. Did you known that if your child has server behavioural problems that maybe enough for a motability car, or if your child refused to walk is another.

This is why we have set up the DLA form service because we want the people who need a motability car to have one.

We will use our expertise and that of other professionals to help.

We have sent a letter to ask about Disability Living Allowance

We have asked the department of work and pensions, a number of searching questions, some of which are below. we will publish both letters when we get a response. We should stress that we have made this Autistic orientated only.

We asked when should a claimant write down there worst experience or difficulty when answering every question a.if this happens every time, b. every two times or every three times or should they write the worst experience or difficulty even if it happens 1 in every 10 experiences, because this is not clearly addressed in the litriture, people find it hard to answer any question

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