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Sensory Rooms

Help people to connect through different scenes. This can be through   touch, vibration, sound, colour and      movement.

    In a school or rest bite       environments these rooms tend to   be made to meet a lot of      different individual needs.

We want to HELP Parents to have their own Sensory Room at home in a garden or in a room in their house.

Over the next couple of months we are will be sourcing products and the ability to create a self contained room that can be built on site by virtually anyone and require only a qualified electrician to connect up the room to  a mains circuit breaker in your fuse box.

Equipment we will 
soon have available 
to buy in our shop
Made Specifically for you

By consulting with your school and other professionals, they will be able to tell you what your child needs in their sensory room to help your child develop communication better and help them to relax in an environment that will help them.

We are putting together a team who individually have over 20 years of expertise in the area of Sensory rooms and Sensory gyms A head master from a special needs school and other professionals who can contact you, your child's  school and other professional connected with your child to insure that your child gets precisely what your child needs.

We will then create a room for you to the size required and contains everything thing your child/adult needs. We can send it to you for self assembly or send one of our sensory room maker to erect it for you.

We are also seeking a finance company to allow anyone who wants a sensory room to have one and pay for it as you would a car or anything else bought on credit.

The prices when we go live are expected to be around a third of some current prices.. ie Bubble tubes around £250 retail not the current like some at £960 retail.

Complete Sensory Rooms for your home

Bubble Tubes

Oil Projectors

fibre optic curtains etc

Sound systems

Disco light balls

Sound to light equipment

Sound to light Systems

Infinity mirrors

Acrylic mirrors (virtually unbreakable)

Light sensitive wall paper

UV lighting

UV products

UV star wall paper

interactive (things happen) equipment

Texture Boards

Bubble machine

Textured materials

Specialised switches

MP3 Pillows

Waited Blankets

Wall padding

Floor padding

Carpets with lights

Star ceilings

Vibration floors

Vibrating walls

Wind chimes

Noise makers

Light makers

Read more about what each product does and how they help develop the mind