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making lives easier by getting involved & helping people
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Direct action

We want to help people now with the things that are causing them a problem, we may not be able to help everyone. But we will try our best when helping. Although we have just started with DLA and Motability Issues, if you have any problems with careers allowance, speech and language therapists, rest bite, direct payments or anything else that you need to make     your life less stressful. We         will help if we can.            because we have been            through it and have            learnt the rules so to          speak of what different       people and bodies are looking for.

Become a charity

Set up a non profit company to produce  Sensory products, Home sensory rooms, sensory gyms and the support infrastructure, where all the profits are given to the Autistic Help UK charity.

Set up a transition style residential home for autistic children and late teens going into adulthood to aid with transition and offer respite.

Find land and start to create in a structured way the various buildings and infrastructure needed to bring about a safe environment and stable learning environment for young adults to learn skills and manage to the best they are able their autism with what ever support they need.

Extend the centre's self revenue streams, to include a training centre, active rest bite holidays and create products to sell.

Create for the residents that are able, a stable working life with wages and a home on site for independent living.

When we have done this correctly we will then start all over again and build another centre, as we believe they need to be all over this country.

Our list of targets
We do not just want to save money

It seem that a lot of charities have such a big final goal to achieve, that raising the money to create the final goal seems to be the journey. That statement is not meant to offend, I am saying is, people need help now, we can hopefully still raise money while we are still helping. This is our goal, no pressure, just help who you can when you can.  

We believe if you set things up correctly with a firm foundation they are more likely to succeed. so to this end our commitment will be our first foundation stone followed by, donations used to strength our resolve and the creation of residential care and outreach provision to insure stability then to just keep adding to it.

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